How to get a job with social anxiety

The thought of searching for a job can be overwhelming at best and frightening at worst for certain people who suffer from social anxiety.

When you already have a fear of engaging with strangers or of being humiliated in your daily life, it can be difficult to encourage yourself to voluntarily go through a work search that causes you anxiety.

People, who are scared to get a job because of social anxiety often ask this question as they are concerned about How to get a job with social anxiety?

If the word “job hunting” makes you nervous, remember that you’re not alone, and there are some useful tips you can use to improve your experience.

How to get a job with social anxiety?

6 Tips that you can use and surely they’re going to help you know How to get a job with social anxiety?. These tips can help you hunt for jobs if you have social anxiety.

Consider jobs that would be a good fit for your skillset

Like other disorders, social anxiety is a process. For others, a career that needs them to communicate with people every day is a no-no, but for others, it is a way to confront their anxiety head-on.

Take some time to consider what gives you a sense of mission, passion, and fulfillment. If you’ve made a list like this, it’ll be easier to figure out which jobs can provide you with any or all of these benefits.

Don’t bother with customer service and those jobs that test your social anxiety. Apply for stocking work, maid jobs, skilled jobs (contracting/painting/cars/etc. ), personal organizers, social media page management, and so on. 

Consider what you enjoy doing in your spare time that does not cause you anxiety, and then consider how you might relate that to a job.

Make a habit of using positive self-talk in your daily life

Very difficult to summon faith during your work search if you’re constantly talking down to yourself. While it’s normal to struggle with self-worth, it’s important to note that trust doesn’t come easily. 

Make an effort to practice constructive self-talk in your daily life.

Spend as much time as you can each day writing down and reminding yourself of all the accomplishments you’ve achieved, big or small, to remind yourself that you’re capable and possess qualities that others admire.

Do Something Every Day

Breaking the process down into tiny, manageable pieces will improve the sense of accomplishment.

For others, this may include devoting one hour a day to job hunting or submitting a set number of applications. Take some time to think about what you should do. Don’t be hesitant to begin tiny.

Continue the career search for social anxiety jobs from home! And if you don’t feel like you should, do anything every day.

We live in an extrovert-dominated world, particularly in the workplace. Take small steps, but make sure you walk. Make the required phone call. Make contact with that person. Take a break. If necessary, prepare the letter. This is what I tell myself all the time.

Keep in mind that technology may be your ally

Companies often offer the option of conducting a Skype or phone interview, particularly if the job you’ve applied for is a virtual role.

Take advantage of this whenever you can, particularly if you have trouble making a good first impression in person.

Interviews via Skype are available. You should keep the window shade up to the point that you don’t mind being seen. ‘Sorry, my camera isn’t the best,’ you can always say.

Planning Is Crucial

Thinking ahead about an interview or application is a smart way to relieve anxiety. If you’re prone to overthinking, enlist the aid of a friend to create a list or “action plan” of tasks to complete before your interview — and then leave it at that.

Make an effort to be mindful

People may be particularly vulnerable to negative self-talk when they face actual or perceived rejection when applying for work. Mindfulness is a great practice for life in general.

In a challenging work search, being able to note emotions without passing judgment and keep things in perspective can be extremely beneficial.

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What is the best job for someone with social anxiety?

Many jobs favor the person with social anxiety. 

Being an introvert, the worst job with social anxiety where you’re forced to have meetings, interactions with people can be quite hectic.

Best jobs that are ideal for people with social anxiety:

For many people, writing is a dream work

Unfortunately, it is a difficult career to break into, and it may take some time before you start making a decent living. It is possible to make a living as a freelance writer once you have established yourself.

Start with a job that helps you to gain experiences, such as working as a technical writer or copywriter, if you choose to write novels, advice columns, or technical manuals.

As your faith grows, you will be able to take on freelance work and even become a published author.

Trainer for dogs

If you have a social anxiety disorder, a career as a dog trainer is one example of a job that you might find appealing. Other alternatives include:

  • Technician in the veterinary sector
  • Owner of a kennel or a kennel caretaker
  • Rescue officer at the zoo


For those with social anxiety, a counselor or therapist may not be the first occupation that comes to mind. When in a position to assist others in overcoming SAD, however, this can be an ideal career.

You have a clear understanding of what your clients are going through, you are a good listener, and you most certainly have a communication style that people with social anxiety won’t find intimidating.

Can you get a disability for social anxiety?

The most commonly asked question from someone who has anxiety is Can you get a disability for social anxiety?

Some people tend to have anxiety, nervousness, or phobias, but their symptoms are unfortunately a part of modern, stressful life.

You must be able to demonstrate that your symptoms are permanent (will last at least 12 months) and that they satisfy one of the unique medical diagnoses related to anxiety

As well as that they seriously and adversely affect your ability to work in life, to qualify with Social Security disability benefits for an anxiety disorder.

What happens if social anxiety is left untreated?

Social anxiety disorder, if left untreated, will take over your life. Anxiety can cause problems at work, school, in relationships, and everyday life. The following are some of the symptoms of social anxiety disorder:

Social anxiety disorder, if left untreated, will take over your life. Anxiety can cause problems at work, school, in relationships, and everyday life. The following are some of the symptoms of social anxiety disorder:

  • Low self-confidence
  • Having a hard time being assertive
  • Negative self-talk
  • Criticism hypersensitivity
  • Social skills deficits
  • Isolation and tense interpersonal relationships
  • Academic and job performance are both poor.
  • Drinking too much alcohol, for example, is a form of substance abuse
  • Suicide or attempted suicide

This is what happens if social anxiety is left untreated, it can damage a person in the long run. 

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At the end of the day, just you know what career is right for you. Even if they are afraid, some people with social anxiety are extroverts who crave the company of others.

If this describes you, a work that requires more social interaction may be a better fit. Whatever path you choose, don’t let social anxiety keep you from pursuing a fulfilling career.

I hope the experience, tips, and knowledge we shared will help you out and you’ll be able to easily find out how to get a job with social anxiety?

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